Kansai is the place where you can experiment deeply and widely Japanese spirituality and culture.
From the past civilization from more than 1,800 years ago,to the culture of Shugendo and Zen, to the glittering Heian aristocratic culture represented by Kyoto,to castles, bushido and ninja, Kansai is the neast of those whole aspects of Japanese culture.


Tour lineup

– Self drive tour in Northern Kansai –

Northern Kansai Self-drive tour is created by local company and rental car company “ORIX”, complexed accommodation and car rental in a tour. We offer great charm of the local destination and guest can freely travel by self-drive.We offer three plan of the self-drive tour for Northern Kansai region where is widely included Wakasa area in Fukui prefecture, Kyoto by the sea and Toyooka city in Hyogo.


1. Self drive tour in Northern Kansai
Kinosaki~Tango Penincula~Amanohashidate~Wakasa・Tour Highlights
2. Self drive tour in Northern Kansai
Wakasa&Kyotango Enjoying Superb View of the Sea
3 days/2 nights
3. Self drive tour in Northern Kansai
Kinosaki~Tango Peninsula~Amanohashidate・Get in touch with luxury & culture

– Kyoto –

“One Customer – One Pavilion”, Pottery Experience:
Create Your Own Unique “Black Raku Bowl” with Your Hands
Tango Peninsula SUP (Stand Up Paddle Boarding) Touring Around The Caves
Deep Kyoto Cycling Tour
The History and The Mystery of Moto-Ise Walking Tour
English Guided Walking Tour in Traditional Shukuba-Town
Learn about Japanese traditional craft: tatami mat Workshop visit and coaster making experience in Miyazu

【With options】Learn about Japanese traditional craft: tatami mat Workshop visit, coaster making experience and old house visit in Miyazu
Miso making workshop: learn about the Malted Rice,
the fundamental ingredient of Japanese cuisine
Wedding Kimono Experience

– Tottori –

Cooking on Kamado cook stove and chopsticks making experience at Ishitani Residence (with English-speaking guide)
The best choice spots! Guided tour where you can enjoy both Tottori mountains and sea
Guided Photo Tour at Tottori Sand Dunes, and Visiting World Landmarks Created From Sand (with English-Speaking Guide)


– Tokushima –

Private: O-henro (Shikoku 88 Temple Pilgrimage) Experience
Wakame Seaweed Harvesting Experience
Private: Two Traditional Japanese Craft Experiences


– Nara –

【Nara/Yoshino】 Walk and Learn about the Religion of the Mountains: Learn about Shugendo in Mt. Yoshino!
The setting is Nara, Yoshino! A cycling tour to experience the culture of trees in Yoshino, the birthplace of afforestation.
A Nature Walk with a Fern-Lover Guide at World Heritage site Yoshino, Nara
E-bike cycling tour (Half-day morning course) to enjoy the nature of World Heritage “Yoshino” recommended for guests staying at Mt Yoshino!
E-bike cycling tour to fully enjoy the nature of World Heritage Site “Yoshino” (Afternoon Half-day course)
Horyuji, Horinji, Hokiji: Three Pagoda Buggy Tour Experience
Horyuji, Hourinji, Hokiji: Three Pagoda Trike Tour Experience
Goshuin book making experience

– Shiga –

Exciting Whitewater Tubing
Exciting Whitewater river Bugging
Otsu Historical Walk: Hizakurige
Elegance & History
Through Time: Experience the History of KATATA

– Mie –

Ninja experience in Iga, the Holy land of Ninja
Ama Hut Experience Course・Ama Hut Hachiman Kamado


Take photos and experience the tea ceremony at a 1,200-year-old tea house in Tamba Sasayama


Okunoin, Kongobu-ji Temple, Garan, Koyasan Professional guided tour
The Esoteric Fire Ritual and Traditional Koyasan Vegetarian Cuisine
Meditation Experience
Koyasan Scenic Lunch Tour
Private Okunoin Day Tour
Kongobu-ji Temple and Garan, Koyasan Specialized Guided Tour

– Other Tours –

Tokushima to Kobe : Self-Guided Walking 4 Days Premium
Kyoto by the Sea to Fukui : Self-Guided Walking 5 Days Premium
Eastern Biwa: Self-Guided Walking 5 Days Premium

Japan Wonder Travel
Tamba : -The land of Harvest-

Kintetsu International Express
Japan’s Cultural Gems, Nara and Ise-Shima

Nankai  Travel International
SDGs activity experience tour in Kada/Wakayama and Kamikatsu/Tokushima

JTB Global Marketing & Travel
Woodland Kyoto and Wakasa