What is Unexpected Japan?

Unexpected Japan is a creative promotion team specializing in inbound promotion services operated by Ayabex Co., a travel agency in Japan (DMC). As a travel agency making use of the knowledge gained in the DMC experience, we provide one-stop services such as tour creation, video/image production, online tour/seminar service, and tour sales platforms by our inbound travel professionals.

Destination Promotion

We support local destinations and develop local tourism for overseas travelers. With our career of DMC experience, we are able to offer many types of promotion both online and offline.

Travel Videography

As all members are part of the travel design team, our videography is specialized for travel promotion. With great quality and experience, we support local tourism by making video imagery.

Tours in Japan

Not limited to promotion, we are also available to offer a platform to sell local products through Unexpected Japan. This is a one-stop service from destination design to product selling.

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