As travel professionals, we introduce the charms of various parts of Japan through video production. The videos we make are consistently produced by our creators, from planning to shooting and editing. Staff who are familiar with the travel industry have a high level of expressiveness and are eager to spread the appeal of the region overseas.

Mie- tourism promotion video

Introduces the history, traditions, culture and natural attractions of various parts of Mie Prefecture.
(consignment from Mie Prefecture)

TOKYO- Japan Cinematic Travel Video

Tokyo, the capital of Japan, continues to develop at a rapid pace. The glimple image of emotion amidst the hustle and bustle of a metropolis where peaple are constantly passing by.

TREASURES – Escape to Kanazawa & Toyama Japan

Introducing the charms of Kanazawa & Toyama’s history, tradition, culture, gastronomy, and people into a video.

Noto&Kanazawa- Sustainable Nature & Life -Cinematic travel film

Introducing The Noto Peninsula and Kanazawa, areas of traditional and sustainable living.

Tokyo Osaka via Hokuriku -New golden route

We were involved in a project regarding making a video for a new destination, as well as the opening seminar for overseas travel agencies to promote the New Golden Route in Hokuriku. Apart from this digest version, we created another 10min video including Traditional Chinese, Hong Kong(Cantonese) and Thai languages.

Maizuru hot whisky from old navy customs

Introducing the “How to make a hot whisky drink” menu created in collaboration with Maizuru City and the whiskey company Suntory. Since the menu is a reproduction of the old Navy recipe in Maizuru, the video was expressed using a retro and nostalgic atmosphere.

Kanazawa & Noto Adventure

Both Kanazawa & Noto peninsula are a very rich, natural and culturally impactful destination. We joined a tour to become familiar with the area in Autumn 2021 and made a video about our adventure as well as how we felt regarding this destination.

Woodland Kyoto – tourism promotion video

Did you know that Kyoto has a deep forest in the northern part of the prefecture? Once you get there, you can soak into pure authentic Japan. We picked up and collected these gems, creating a video including such charms of this area.

Maizuru city tourism promotion video

Maizuru is located near the northern tip of Kyoto prefecture and is a beautiful port city with a related navy history. The area is widely known for its great nature and seafood. We made videos showcasing great historic sites, nature, food and activities. As well as this digest version, we offer other videos about West Maizuru and East Maizuru.

Kansai Plus one trip tourism promotion video

We produced a video that introduces the sightseeing spots of Plus One Trip that begins from the center of Kansai city area. It is a cinematic representation of a tour of Tottori prefecture, the northern area of Hyogo prefecture, and the Kyoto by the sea area.

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