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・Meet at Nara Ikaruga Tourism Waikaru and move to Kichidenji Temple.
・A monk will explain the historical background of Goshuin books and stamps
・Choose your favorite pattern for the front and back covers from around 50 types of Japanese paper
and follow the process
・Enjoy Japanese hospitality with Matcha(green tea) and sweets, while taking a break.
・Move to the main hall and perform the Mokugyo Nembutsu service in front of the Amida
Nyorai, an important cultural asset. ・You will receive an original Goshuin book containing Kichidenji’s
Shino stamp and then the tour will finish.


•This is an original Goshuin book making at the historical temple (Kichidenji Temple), which was built at the end of the Heian period (987) by Eshin Sozu, a high priest of the Heian period.
•You can perform the Mokugyo Nembutsu service in front of the Amida Nyorai, an important cultural asset.

Reccomended points

・The fun activity of choosing from 50 types of Japanese paper to create your own original Goshuin
・A Japanese cultural experience where you hit a Mokugyo as you recite sutras.


Meet at Nara Ikaruga Tourism Waikaru (Reception)                                 

Move to Kichidenji Temple

Goshuin book making Exp., Serving of matcha sweets and tea, Mokugyo Nembutsu service
Receive the Shino seal of Kichidenji Temple and End of tour 

* Duration: 1.5 hours

★ Meeting/Dismissing Place:

Nara Ikaruga Tourism Waikaru
Address: 1-6-30 Horyuji-Higashi, Ikaruga-cho, Ikoma-gun, Nara Pref.
Meeting time: 15 minutes prior to tour start

Implementation Period

Year-round  (Except every Wednesday, year end and new year holidays) 

Min No. of participants

4 Person(s)

Max No. of Participants

Up to 30 Person(s)
Group tours: Possible

Participant Conditions

Age restriction: Elementary school and older  


Per pax: Adult 5,000JPY

* Included: Goshuin book material cost, creation guidance fee, Mokugyo Exp. fee, admission fee, Kichidenji Shino seal fee, matcha fee, tea and sweets fee
* Excluded: Transportation expenses to and from the meeting place

Language Support

Interpreter guide accompaniment: Not Necessary, but accompaniment is recommended  
Language Supplementation tool: None

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation without notice: 100% 
Cancellation the day before : 50%
Cancellation on the day: 100%           

Weather Conditions

Departure decision due to weather: No

Things to Note

・Can be closed for events, etc. Reservations accepted starting from 4 Person(s)
・After the reception at Nara Ikaruga Tourism Waikaru, we will move to the experience destination.
・Wearing a mask is required to prevent the spread of COVID-19
・Please wear or bring socks.

Facility Information

Facility name: Kichidenji Temple   
Address: 1-1-23 Koyoshida, Ikaruga-cho, Ikoma-gun, Nara Pref, 
Business hours: 09:00-16:00      
Regular Holiday: No holidays
Wi-Fi: Unavailable                   
Foreign Language pamphlet/Menu: Unavailable
Language support:Japanese
Cultural food accommodations: Impossible
Facilities for disabilities: Unavailable    
Credit card facilities: Available