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A town walking tour around the former Otsu “Otsu Hyaku-cho”, which prospered as a port town, a post town, and a gate town of Mii-dera Temple during the Edo Period.


・Visit the Otsu Machiya merchant house
・Walk the old Tokaido road and visit a long-established tea store, a Japanese confectionery store and the site of “Otsu Incident”.
・Visit the Otsu Festival Hikiyama Exhibition Hall, a pickle shop, a fish shop, and interact with locals in the shopping district.
・Visit the store of Takahashi Shozan the 5th , the only remaining store in Otsu that has inherited, produced and sold traditional folk paintings “Otsu-e”.
・English or Japanese Tour guides available

Reccomended points

The biggest attraction is being able to interact with the locals of Otsu! Travel back in time to Otsu Hyaku-cho from the Edo to Meiji period and experience the history, culture and food culture of the town!


①9:30AM Meet at JR Otsu Sta. north ticket gate, greet and learn the history of Otsu Hyaku-cho    

➁9:40-10:00 Visit the Ogawa Family Residence  (Otsu Machiya in the Edo period)

③10:00-10:20 Tasting and talking about tea at Nakagawa Seiseido Tea Shop

④10:25-10:35 Visit Mochihyo and get your favorite Japanese sweet

⑤10:40-10:50 Visit the Otsu Incident site

⑥11:00-11:10 Fuda-no-Tsuji (Otsu-juku central)

⑦11:15-11:35 Otsu Festival Hikiyama Exhibition hall

⑧11:40-11:55 Talk and shop at Yaoyo (Pickle shop)

⑨11:55-12:05 Talk and shop at Tanimume (fish shop)

⑩12:10-12:30 Talk and shop at the Otsu-e Painting shop

* Duration: 3hours        

★Meeting Place:

JR Otsu Sta. north ticket gate
Meeting time: 10 minutes prior to tour start (09:20)

★Dismissing Place:

The Otsu-e Painting Shop
Conclusion time: 12:30
*After, we will recommend an afternoon plan (lunch place and nearby sightseeing spots) and how to get to the station.

Implementation Period

Year-round Tues – Fri・Implemented at customer’s request

Min No. of participants

1 Person(s)

Max No. of Participants

Up to 8 Person(s)  
Group Tours: Not Possible                                                      

Participant Conditions

Participation age limit: None in particular 


Per Pax: Adult 10,000 JPY, Child (Up to 12 years old accompanied by a guardian) 500 JPY  
  (group charter)

* Included: experience fee, guide fee, souvenir of Japanese sweets, etc.
* Excluded: insurance, personal expenses, etc.

Language Support

Japanese, English
Interpreter guide accompaniment: Not Necessary
Language Supplementation tool: None  

Cancellation Policy

7-2 days before the tour start date: 30%
The day before the tour start date: 40%
On the day of the tour start date: 50%
On the day but after the tour start time:100%                 

Things to Note

・Masks are required to prevent infectious diseases (when visiting the Ogawa family or entering a store).
・Those with a body temperature of 37.5 degrees or higher are not allowed to participate.

Facility Information

Facility Name: The Otsu-e  Painting Shop (Takahashi Shozan)
Address: 3-38 Miidera, Otsu City, Shiga Pref.
Telephone:  +81-77-524-5656                
Business hours: 10:00-17:00            
Closed: 1st and 3rd Sunday of every month
Wi-Fi: Unavailable                  
Foreign Language pamphlet/Menu : Available(English)
Language support: Japanese
Facilities for disabilities: Unavailable
Credit card facilities: Available