Winds of Gastronomy

In the past, Kansai flourished as a “center of culinary” because of history as the capital of Nara and Kyoto, attracting diverse food ingredients from all over the country.

Kansai is still characterized by a diverse food culture rooted in the local climate, such as dashi (soup broth), Japanese food, fermented foods, and sake brewing, which have been handed down from generation to generation.

The “Winds of Gastronomy” of the region’s climate, customs, atmosphere, scenery, and character are always blowing at the dining table, and dining with a sense of these elements is the real pleasure of a Terroir journey.

We would like to introduce three special courses based on the concept of encounters with chefs who know the region well as well as the path of history.

【Fukui / Kyoto】
Journey to the Land of Divine Cuisine: Experience the Timeless Flavors of ‘Miketsukuni’
Hyogo / Tokushima
「The One and Only SAKE&WINE」A Journey Through Regional Beauty and Culture
Nara / Wakayama
Discover the Divine Tastes of Yamato and Kii: An Adventure through the Fermented Foods and Traditions of the Gods.